Committed To Excellence

Yes, Dog! is fortunate to have an amazing, caring staff who are highly trained. Each of our team members are completing a diploma study course through Canine Principles. We believe ongoing training and a safe work environment leads to a more fulfilling experience while your dog is with us.


After a fulfilling career with the RCMP, I found myself yearning for a change. In October 2012, I welcomed my first-ever dog into my life, and it was a moment of profound transformation. Meeting my rescue Shepard, Wally, was love at first sight. Though I was initially unfamiliar with dog training and behavior, my bond with Wally inspired me to delve into the world of canine companionship.

Determined not to be “that guy” shouting commands at his dog in the park, I immersed myself in researching various training techniques. Quickly, I became an advocate for positive reinforcement methods. As Wally and I spent more time together, I found myself drawn to the intricacies of dog body language, communication, and behavior.

In 2014, I established a small group walk business, driven by my daily visits to the park with Wally. Witnessing the growth of my clientele, I decided to expand, and in the same year, we acquired an acreage where our private park was born.

The year 2015 marked a significant milestone as we welcomed our second fur kid, Anna Banana, a rescue Pitbull/Collie cross. Anna introduced me to the challenges and misconceptions surrounding reactive dogs, sparking a new passion within me. Her journey illuminated the realities of owning a fear-based reactive dog, fueling my commitment to expand our services to support reactive dogs and their owners.

Having completed my studies in Dog Training and Behavior Modification, I’m currently working through Micheal Shikashio’s master course in Aggression in Dogs and a certification in separation anxiety with Canine Principles.  I plan on fulfilling my dream of becoming a Canine Behaviorist.

Today, as the owner, operator and trainer at Yes, Dog! I take immense pride in leading a force-free, positive approach group off-leash service. I am deeply grateful to work alongside a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who share my passion for canine welfare and positive training methods. Together, we strive to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their humans.


From bed bug detection to birds, from narcotics to nose-work, Carla Simon has trained thousands of students worldwide since 1999.
She is a sought-after speaker who presented at the World Detector Dog Organization 2021 Conference and drew a sold-out crowd of more than 600 at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.
Carla is the owner of Hunter’s Heart Ltd., which breeds, trains, and deploys scent detection canines in Calgary, Alberta.
Carla Chairs the Working Dog Committee for the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and supports its Code of Ethics, including force-free, evidence-based learning.
She partners with Citadel Canine Society (Canada’s longest-running mission-specific PTSD service dog provider) to train medical service dogs for veterans, first responders, nurses, and 911 dispatchers. She has been a member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) for 23 consecutive years.

She served on the CKC Health and Genetics Committee and advised on the creation of national rules and scent judges’ accreditation as the Senior Provincial Representative for the Scent Detection Council. She is a peer reviewer, author, and supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She trained teams for mantrailing and truffle detection for Power Dog Training Centre in Italy.

Carla was the Founder of Sniff Alberta, and judges scent detection for CKC, K9 ABC Games, and is a Certifying Official for UKC Nosework (the second largest kennel club in the world). She has conducted Behavior Assessments for the Calgary Humane Society, onboarding junior assessors. In her capacity as a Canine Good Neighbor Evaluator, she organized Alberta’s first CGN test and has evaluated therapy dog prospects, owner-trained service dog candidates, and pets at events such as Pet Expo.

Carla chaired the American Brittany Club’s Performance Committee (AKC) and was a Contributing Editor for the American Brittany Magazine. She was featured in the Pointing Dog Journal, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Journal, and the Clean Run Online Learning Centre. Her learning materials have been adapted internationally and are used by several Search and Rescue groups.

Hunter’s Heart has trained detection trainers and handlers using diverse target odors, including law enforcement, human remains, bed bugs, birds, wildlife conservation, shed antlers, handler scent, narcotics, explosives, scent discrimination, lost items, tracking, trailing, truffles and pet dogs for scent detection and nosework competitions.

Carla currently trains in-person and online classes for scent detection, tracking, mantrailing, obedience and service dog training.

Visit our Scent Work page for more information on classes.



My name is Jackie and I was born and raised in Germany and decided to move to Canada in 2019 to start all over again.
I’ve owned and trained dogs all breeds and sizes throughout my life and was excited to turn my passion into a job perspective by completing the intense Dog Trainer Program at Dogma Academy Calgary. I graduated in 2023 and I am still taking an apprenticeship for the canine behaviour consultant to work on complex behaviours like fear aggression and separation anxiety.
I spend my spare time snuggling with my dog Louie or enjoying the great outdoors in the mountains