Our Principles

We love dogs! Our team is passionate about our dogs well being. Our force-free, positive approach methods build strong bonds between the dogs in service and our caregivers. We promise your dog will be treated with the compassion and respect they deserve, while having a great time with their friends.

Importance of Socialization

Dogs are natural group animals and need to spend time with others in order to keep their social skills sharp. The goal of socialization is to expose your dog to as many new people, sounds, objects, noises and locations as possible.  When doing this we want to make every experience a positive one. This will create a confident, well-adjusted dog and prevent certain behavior problems from developing in the future.

An even-tempered dog that has been well socialized and positively trained in manners and obedience will be a joy to travel with, take to parks and other new environments. If dogs are not properly socialized (ideally as puppies) and haven’t been exposed to new situations and people, they can develop fears of anything new and any change in their life. This can lead to lack of confidence, fears, stress, and aggression.

Key points to proper Socialization

  • Start right away, the younger the better!
  • Stay positive! If you are confident, optimistic and have a good attitude your dog will respond to that.
  • Do NOT force them into situations they find scary.  Take the time to let them move forward at their own pace, be encouraging and positive but know when to stop.
  • Hesitation is normal, panicking is not.  Remove them from the situation and go back to a comfortable distance for them where they can focus back on you.
  • Never punish your dog for ANY fear response. You will only make the situation more negative. Fear can look scary and reactive and is often mistaken for aggression.  Back away, your dog is overwhelmed and scared, don’t punish. Get them to a distance where they feel safe again.
  • Don’t overload them. Doing to much and stressing them out will have the opposite effect.
  • Be creative. Take your dog out to new parks, hikes, trails, lakes, friends’ houses and yards, pet shops and other indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Have fun with your dog, show him what a wonderful world we live in.

Safety in Every Step

We are committed to safely transporting your pup, from the time we pick them up to the moment they are returned home.

Each of our vehicles is equipped with

– AC and cooling fans for those hot summer days – Tinted windows, carpeted floors, rubber back mats and blankets – Secure tethers

Our fleet of vehicles are serviced and maintained by LMF Automotive. They are kept on a regular maintained program to prevent breakdowns and unsafe situations. While in transit each pup is safely and securely tethered with their harness in their assigned area on the floor to maximize safety and comfort.

Cruelty Free

Our service is committed to using products that are not tested on animals. This includes our laundry soap, dishwashing soap, fabric softeners, cleaners and even our bleach.

Environmental Friendly

In our park we use environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable doggie bags. Our vehicles maximize our route density, therefore shortening our route lengths and the time we spend on the roads.

Force Free Approach

Why Force Free? Because this IS the better way!

At Yes, Dog! we don’t demand their obedience but strive to earn their loyalty!

Read more about Force Free and the training our staff go through.