Our Pack Services

The Best Part Of Your Dog’s Day!

Your Dog’s Disneyland

Fresh air and exercise are just the beginning! Socialization and good old-fashioned fun during Yes, Dog!’s walks will contribute to a happier, calmer and more responsive dog at home.  Along with guidance from our certified walkers, your dog will practice their social skills and learn appropriate play. They will build confidence through agility skills, trick training, common rules, and cues.

Our unique service builds strong pack bonds.  New pack members go into our specialized introduction area with our trained caregiver. Here our humans get the opportunity to bond with the new member and teach them our cues and positive training methods while observing introductions.

Pack members are introduced one on one to ensure the new member is not overwhelmed, it is here we can ensure that all members are going to get along and become friends prior to releasing the new member into our 2-acre Doggy Disneyland.  This meeting time can take from a week to a month, we work at our new members pace to ensure successful integration into the pack.


Our Amazing Facility

2 fully fenced acres of Doggy Disneyland, complete with obstacles, paddling pools and agility equipment.

Doggy-Door to Doggy-Door Service

Our unique shuttles safely pick up your pup and drop them off at the end of their play time.

Highly Trained Staff

3 trained pet care professionals are supervising the park at all times

Our Principles

Force Free

Proper Socialization

Safety In Every Step

Options For Everyone!

Small Pack

For furry friends 40 pounds or less (some exceptions apply). This pack provides a safe environment for our small kids to play and interact with appropriately sized playmates who match their playstyle.  Small dogs are often gentle and have a more “catlike” playstyle, with a lot of chasing and batting but little physical connection.  This pack ensures our smallest of pack members have a safe place to play with others matching their playstyle and physical energy levels.  

** Special consideration for Puppies**

It is behaviourally beneficial to include puppies in playgroups. Pairing puppies with socially appropriate adult small dogs is ideal for teaching puppies bite inhibition and social skills. We start most puppies with our service in our small dog pack.

Who Is It For?

Dogs 40lbs or less

Shuttle Schedule

Pickup: 12:00 PM

Play: 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Return: 3:00pm (Traffic/Weather Pending)

Big Pack

For our furry friend 40+ pounds. This pack ranges from boisterous, zooming teenagers to our quieter snoopy seniors looking for an engaging stroll in the park.  With lots of wrestling, chasing, tumbling and agility play, this crew is guaranteed to be napping on the van ride home. 
This group is a fabulous mix of play styles and energy levels for our larger adult dogs. 

Who Is It For?

Dogs 40lbs or larger

Shuttle Schedule

Pickup: 8 AM

Play: 9:00 – 10:30 AM

Return: 11:00 AM (Traffic/Weather Pending)

Simple Pricing

* Yes, Dog! requires a minimum commitment of 2 days per week to ensure all members stay familiar and bonded.

Single Dog

$27.50 / Per Walk

Double Dog Family

$23.75 – Per Dog / Per Walk