Safe & Fun Off-Leash Group Play

Disneyland For Dogs

Welcome To Yes, Dog!

Your dog is part of your family, at Yes, Dog! we build pack families through positive reinforcement, common rules and plenty of safe dog play. By creating strong bonds, your family member becomes part of ours too.

We incorporate safety measures into every aspect of our services, from pick up and drop off in our doggy shuttles, to introducing new pack members, to safe appropriate play in our 2-acre doggy Disneyland.

2 Acre Doggy Disneyland

Your pup is guaranteed to have a great day

Doggy-Door to Doggy-Door Service

Our unique shuttles safely pick up your pup and drop them off at the end of their play time.

Trust & Safety Is At Our Core

Fully Insured

Highly Trained Staff

Safe Pick Up & Drop Off

What We Do And Why It’s Unique

Our Purpose

At Yes, Dog!  everything we do is based on the foundation that “A socialized dog is a happy dog”.

Through positive reinforcement, regular exercise and socialization we believe dogs are calmer, more confident and lead a more fulfilled life, making them a well adjusted and better-behaved part of your family.

The relationships we form with our clients is at the heart of Yes, Dog! success. We recognize that it’s a privilege to care for your family dog and we strive to give you an experience that promotes their well being and gives you comfort knowing they are in safe, experienced and caring hands.

Force Free

At the Yes, Dog! we don’t demand their obedience but strive to earn their loyalty!

Pack Family

We do more than build trust, we build packs.