COVID-19 Update

Hi Pet Parents,

We are pleased to advise you all that we have been deemed as an essential service and will be continuing to operate.

At this time I would like to offer Porch Pickup to anyone that is uncomfortable with us entering your home.

How this works is, we would tie a leash to your porch railing, we will ring your doorbell and step away, you put your pooch onto the leash in their harness please. When you’re back inside we will load your pooch into our vehicle.

Same would apply for drop off, and we will wait for you to bring your kid in before we leave.

For those who do not require Porch Pick up, we are continuing to adhere to all Heath Canada guidelines.
Door handles etc are disinfected with Lysol in and out of your homes and our vans are disinfected daily.

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all. Your continued support through this difficult time has been overwhelming.
Thank you Airdrie.

Victoria & The Yes, Dog! Team.